Ruthie’s Ramps Up Random Snack of Kindness

(Press Release)

A random act of kindness is defined as a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either help or cheer up Ruthies rolling cafe food truckan individual person or people. With that thought in mind, Ruthie’s, LLC created its own version of that mission called, Random Snack of Kindness (RSK). Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe is sending their crew and the cutest food truck in town, without a profit in mind, to give back to the community in a Random Snack of Kindness! The goal is simple: Ruthie’s wants to put a smile on people’s faces and joy in their hearts by combining delectable comfort food with a community purpose.  We’ve had such fun doing this as a business ourselves that we want to share it with others, too!

Here’s how it works: any individual or group of people who would like to find a fun and unique way to celebrate a person and a cause close to their heart, can hire our rolling cafe to feed a special group in honor of this celebrated person and cause.  RSK is a perfect gift idea for that “person who has everything” or a special way to pay homage to a nonprofit that speaks to you.

“We think there are few things more more gratifying than surprising someone with a random act of kindness.  It’s important to us to have Ruthie’s involved in spreading kindness and joy in our community.  Random Snacks of Kindness does just that,” said Ashlee Hunt Kleinert, Ruthie’s Owner. “We’ve done it as a business ourselves, and we’ve been blessed enough to play a role in other people’s random acts of kindness.

This is the perfect gift to give someone who has a heart for a specific charitable cause or organization,” Kleinert continued. “We can also uniquely specialize our snack to tie into your specific group.”

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