The Dallas Burger Quiz

How well do you know your Dallas burgers? Yes, there are many other great burgers out there, which is why this is Part 1. You might also see some of our earlier failed burger bits …

We’ve got a list for our next test forming already, but if you know a place that will stump the rest, leave a comment below and let us know. The answers are listed below the test – good luck!

Dallas Burger Quiz



  1. Club Schmitz
  2. Addison Point
  3. Stadium Cafe
  4. Coffee House Cafe
  5. Easy Slider
  6. Maple and Motor
  7. Cock & Bull
  8. Del’s Charcoal Burgers
  9. Lakewood’s 1st & 10
  10. Goff’s Hamburgers
  11. Whiskey Cake
  12. Keller’s Drive-In
  13. Lakewood Landing
  14. Liberty Burger
  15. Off-Site Kitchen
  16. Stackhouse Burgers
  17. Wingfield’s
  18. Dairy-ette




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