Burger Breakdown: Hunky’s Hamburgers


Hunky’s off of Cedar Springs is located in the Uptown area where fancy restaurants dot almost every corner. So the last thing you would expect to find there would be a burger that fits right at home on the menu of a Dairy Queen. But surprisingly that’s exactly what happened.

Down the street from a Black Eyed Pea and next door to a boutique that apparently specializes in dominatrix gear, Hunky’s is a small hamburger haven that has some of the best burgers in uptown area where cheeseburgers are huge hit. When asked, the server said that some of the more popular choices are the Buffalo Cheeseburger, the Chipotle Cheeseburger and the Longhorn Cheeseburger.  After much hemming and hawing and careful guidance from our server the Texas Cheesburger was chosen for our Burger Breakdown. In all honestly, one was being delivered to a nearby table and after seeing it there was just no other way to go.

Why was there no other way to go? Well, to put it simply, this behemoth of a burger is served on Texas Toast. You know how many burgers in the Dallas area outside of Dairy Queen are served on Texas Toast? Nobody could possibly know that. But the best guess would be not many. It may have been a daring decision to choose a burger just based on the bread, but fortunately no one at Burger Breakdown has ever been wrong before.

Obviously, the burger is wonderful (Burger Breakdown gets yet another pat on the back) It’s huge, containing two quarter pound patties covered with American cheese, covered on either side by two thick, hearty pieces of Texas Toast.  Every bite is a trip to flavor town. Evidently this is not a real place, but if it were this burger would be featured there. The bread on the burger is amazing. Toasted to a slight brown, the thick toast would be welcome on any sandwich. Its crunchiness lends itself to every portion of the burger. The thickness of the bread also serves another purpose:  it’s a flavor sponge.  This perfectly crispy, buttery toast is the perfect catch-all for the ridiculously runny cheese that covers both patties. Not that the cheese is in any way a problem. It’s slightly sweet, which melds well with the saltiness of the meat. With the bread soaking in a lot of the cheese it’s kind of like having a burger on two fat pieces of cheesy bread. Clearly, it’s terrible for you, but at the same time amazingly delicious.  The last part of this remarkable burger puzzle is the meat. The two-quarter pound patties are a little small, but pack a flavor punch all the same.  There’s no pink in the meat, but the patties thinness probably has a lot to do with that.

So what have we all learned here? Well, we’ve learned that Texas Toast is greatness on a cheeseburger. We’ve learned that Oak Lawn – and Bishop Arts, too – has a solid, reliable hamburger joint, and we’ve learned that Burger Breakdown can always find a good hamburger. We just look for the dominatrix shop.

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